A guide of different options to download photos from iCloud

iCloud provides brilliant service in saving all of your photos on your iOS or Mac devices safely in the form of a backup. This fact of safely keeping your photos in form of a backup comes in really handy that you can download these photos from iCloud photo library anytime you need them. However, if your are relatively new to using iCloud you might not know how to download these photos and that’s where we come in to help you do this easily. In this guide we will push aside all the problems that one might experience in downloading their pictures from iCloud library and explain the most simple and direct methods to download them. Following are some of the methods that can help you obtain photos from iCloud library easily and anyone can be used to achieve this takes in few minutes.

Downloading photos from iCloud via your windows PC or Mac OS:-

If you have photos that are on your iCloud Photo library and you want to download a raw file of this data on to your PC or Mac device then his is he method.

  • Launch the Web browser on PC or Mac.
  • Visit the iCloud
  • Log in with your apple login details
  • Click on the Photos icon after logging in to your iCloud account
  • Select the photos that you need to download.
  • After the chose photo is loaded, look on the right side of browser screen and you will see a download icon. The icon is in the shape of a Downward Arrow. Click this icon to download the photos on to your PC.
  • Same process can be repeated to download a many photos as you like.

The picture can be found easily in a computer’s default download folder. The picture will have their original resolution. Normally the default folder’s name is Downloads.

That is how photos form iCloud can be downloaded on to your pc. The process can be used on any browser and it can also be performed on PC, Mac, Linux or Android. The method will work without any problem on any of these platforms.

Downloading all photos from iCloud:-

Downloading pictures one by one from iCloud is hectic. What of there was a method to download all of them at once? If you have used the iCloud on Mac you will already be aware that there is no such Download All option. To download all photos from you iCloud Photo library on to your Mac or Windows PC following steps can be taken.

  • Launch the web browser on PC or Mac and visit the iCloud.com
  • Login to the iCloud account with Apple Login details
  • Click on Photos after logging on the account
  • Select album with name “All Photos”.
  • Scroll down on this album. Click “Select Photos” on top of the bar.
  • Hold Shift key from keyboard and then click on last picture of the album. Doing this you will have selected all the pictures of the album. You will also be notified on iCloud bar about how many pictures have been selected.
  • After selecting all the pictures, click the download icon on top of Photo bar.
  • After prompting confirmation to download all selected photos, click the Download button.

This will download all the photos just like when downloaded one by one. The photos will be in download folder of your pc. Download folder destination can be changed as well.

With no option to Download or Select ALL, you can use Shift plus Click method to select all contents of an album just as described above. This is yet the only methods available to download all photos in one go.

Another method that allows windows user to download all photos on iCloud is to simply download and is install the iCloud sync software on your pc. Photos can be then simply downloaded from file browser. Following process is able to download all photos on Windows 10.

  • Installing the iCloud Sync software.
  • Set it up on PC.
  • After installing software, locate ‘iCloud Photos”. They can be selected from Windows File Explorer.
  • Navigation bar in file explorer presents “Download Videos and Photos option”. Select this option.
  • Select date or years of pictures that you need.
  • iCloud then will download these pictures. These pictures will now be available in Pictures/iCloud/Pictures/Downloads.

The method may take some time to download all photos on to your pc but ultimately it all depends upon internet speed and total pictures that you download.

Downloading photos from iCloud backup or iTunes backup:-

Backups on iCloud are usually separate from Photo library. Backing up pictures from your iOS devices gives you direct access to picture gallery. On the other hand, iCloud backups are totally different. They make complete backup of the devices.

Photos can be downloaded from iTunes and iCloud backups made from your iOS devices. However to do so you must restore your device from that specific iCloud backup or make use of third party tool if the backup is made through iTunes.

All the above-explained methods are authentic and most common to download photos from iCloud.

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